Stressprinciples.com is a place to find support when you have a stressful time. It is a place to learn about stress theories and their application in various situations of life. This website is designed to provide easy-to-use information that truly aims to help you.

It is my dearest wish to help all the stressed people out there. Stress is an early indicator of diseases like depression or burnout and I feel that tackling the problem early on helps to prevent these diagnoses. If you act early enough, you can manage your stressors by yourself, meaning without medicine or seeing a doctor. For this, you will need the tactics that work. My intention is to provide these tactics in an easily digestible format.

Please note: I am not a doctor, nor do I have a format education in medicine. As is stated on all pages of this websites: please regard the content you find here as opinions of the author, not as medical advice.

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I truly hope you will find this website helpful.

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