Me, Myself and I – Freud vs. Lazarus Stress Theories Explained

Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, believed that stress and anxiety are caused by conflicts between the unconscious and conscious mind. According to Freud, the unconscious mind contains repressed memories, desires, and feelings that can cause conflict with our conscious thoughts and actions. This conflict can lead to stress and anxiety as we try to … Read more

Lazarus’ Stressmodel in a Nutshell

The stress model of Lazarus is a psychological model that explains how individuals cope with stress. It is a widely used model in the field of psychology and has been influential in shaping our understanding of stress and its effects on the human body. Read more

The Top 10 Causes of Conflict and How to Deal With Them

Conflict is a common occurrence in our daily lives, and it can arise in many different situations, from disagreements with friends and family to larger disputes between nations. While conflict can sometimes be beneficial, as it can lead to growth and change, it can also have negative consequences and cause significant harm. In order to … Read more

The 4 Most Common Stress Symptoms

Stress is a natural response to challenges and demands, and it is a normal part of daily life. However, chronic stress can have negative consequences for physical and mental health, and it is important to be aware of the most common stress symptoms and to take steps to manage stress effectively. Read more

The 3 Causes of Stress and How to Solve Them

We find stress all around us. At home, at work – stress follows us wherever we look. Sometimes the stress is just too much and we want to get rid of it. But how do you manage the stress and the causes of stress? Stress management is a constant challenge and not easy to manage. … Read more

The 5 Signs of Relationship Stress and How to Cope with It

We are all striving for a happy, fulfiling, and harmonic relationship. Finding a partner, ho can provide us with what we need is already difficult enough. But once we found one, the journey just starts. Often, somewhere along the journey we lose the harmony once found. We start to fight and develop negative feelings. As … Read more