Prompts For Exploring The Hidden Life Script

  1. What was my upbringing focused on? think self-control, conformity….
  2. What behavioral norms were expected from me? think “boys don’t cry…”
  3. What influence does a dominant family member have on me to this day? think “Evidence trip” towards him or her….
  4. Which family sayings have I internalized… or still influence me today
    • Do I pass them on? think “You’ll eat whats’s being served” or “Business before pleasure”
  5. Which behavior has ensured my “survival”? Think seeking attention & recognition of other people, withdrawal, dominance, role-playing…
  6. Do I experience the compulsion to repeat specific behavior? Which one? Ideally, describe it as precisely as possible.
  7. My 5 greatest weaknesses are…
  8. My 5 greatest strengths are…
  9. What basic fears and safety needs am I conscious of….
    • clearly?
    • rather irrationally?
  10. Which prohibitions do I violate from time to time?
    • …and what desire, what need is behind it?
  11. Which feelings do I rarely – or never – express?
  12. Which roles do I play that do not (or rarely) correspond to my identity?
    • think the cool one,
    • the successful one,
    • the rational superior,
    • the omniscient one…
  13. What negative programs do I have about myself? (Or in other words: “I don’t like myself because…” )
    • Which advantages does this program have?
    • Which disadvantages, especially in the long run?
  14. Which conflicts do I find myself in over and over again?
    • private
    • professional        
  15. Which “outlet” do I use to release or escape external and internal pressure?
  16. Which symptoms of illness appear again and again?
  17. My favorite “bad stories” abot myself are: {think: I feel stressed because…)
    • What is the advantage of such a story        
    • What did you really want to accomplish with it?
    • Did it work?
  18. What are my worst “time-wasters”?
    • Personal
    • Professional
  19. What qualities in others always bother me?
  20. What qualities do I admire in others that I do not possess myself?
  21. With whom do I have unsettled relationships?
  22. Which “games” do I play again and again to impress others?
  23. Where are the strongest deviations from my self-image / from the assumed image of others?
  24. I find the following points negative in my communication style:
    • Manipulative
    • Insistent
    • Pressing
    • Talking too much
    • Sarcasm/Irony
    • “loaded” questions
    • interrupting
    • talking down
    • Disinterest
    • General statements
    • Saying what needs to be done
    • etc..
  25. In my relationships
    • I accept others as they are        
    • I openly communicate my needs
    • I give what I expect the most
  26. One last question: Which characteristics or behavior patterns have I tried to avoid, conceal, downplay in the last 25 questions?